Tuesday, February 14, 2006

hey y'all!

just a quick note from the duke city to check in with everyone. things at the new mexico media literacy project have been great so far. last night we began recording a spanish language overdub track for a new DVD that we're hoping to release this summer, entitled challenging the debt industry. it essentially deals with payday and title loans, credit card advertising on college campuses, and strategies to break the cycle of debt.


i've also been doing a bunch of research on target marketing to underrepresented populations, meaning mostly how alcohol and tobbacco ads shift their strategies when dealing with communities of color and the lgbtq community. we've a three session presentation on that topic scheduled in santa fe in two weeks, so i am busy compiling clips of blatant and offensive marketing examples. which, in case you were wondering, means a whole lot of watching commercials. which makes me nuts. well, nuttier than i was. am. whatever.

okay, okay. i'm finished for now. take care, fellow VISTAS, and don't forget:

you're a tree, you're a tree, you're a tree, you're a tree!

and the water and the air are all that you need!

much love,



Blogger Donna said...

A week and a half ago, right after orientation, I was walking around Phoenix, feeling pretty bleak. I didn't have a place to stay that night, hadn't found anywhere to live yet, and was just lonely and exhausted. So I started chanting, "I'm a tree I'm a tree I'm a tree I'm a tree/And the air and the water are all I need," over and over. And i didn't feel better right away, in fact I felt like even more of a crazy person walking around saying this to myself, but the next day i found a great place to live, with some super-talented people who just happen to also be vegans, and where i have space to make art.

You can put the moral of the story right here. I left some space for it:

6:12 PM  
Blogger the erica said...

that makes my heart go beep.

9:49 AM  

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